Brian Roettinger | Los Angeles | July 2015
Download: GIF of billboard art in progress


Mariana Fernandes | Italy | August 2015
Download: A short documentary of the artist’s studio and Fabrica workshop


Robert Montgomery | UK | September 2015
Download: An audio interview with the artist


Cali Thornhill DeWitt | Los Angeles | October 2015
Download: Progress shots and photos of the artist’s studio


Stefan Marx | Germany | November 2015
Download: A Smallville Records song


Wonwoo Lee | Korea/UK | December 2015
Download: Playful snapshots of the artist’s life and what inspires him 


Yung Jake | Los Angeles | January 2016
Download: Songs and digital artwork 


Ana Brotas | Portugal | February 2016
Download: Instructions for building an origami boat from billboard artwork